Offshore/ Onshore Pipeline Engineering Design and Drafting

Our team of Pipeline engineers have expertise enough in providing you with the best Offshore / Onshore Pipeline Engineering Design/ Drafting solutions. Our Team foresees all the sensitive information for all along the pipeline route to ensure the safety and integrity of the offshore / onshore assets and less maintenance during the operational life of the pipeline. We are in continuous learning mode from new developments in the industry to add more value and productivity to the projects we work on.

From layout plans to process requirements and from operability and constructability to 3D images, we provide you precise design engineering solutions for the future pipelines for the oil and gas industry. Our engineers provide you with drafting assistance and impressive layouts that are easy to understand and help surveyors or construction teams to work conveniently during the pipeline installation from one point to another.

Subsea consultancy services in Bangalore
Onshore consultancy services in Bangalore
Pipeline Engineering consultancy services in Bangalore
Oil& Gas consultancy services in Bangalore
Solar power consultancy services in Bangalore
Subsea consultancy services in Bangalore
Onshore consultancy services in Bangalore
  • Pipeline Route selection Report
  • Geo-Technical and Geo-physical Survey Scope of work
  • Pipeline Wall Thickness Report
  • On-Bottom Stability Report
  • Shore Approach Design Report
  • Additional Stabilisation by Flexible concrete mattresses
  • Cathodic Protection Design Report
  • Pipeline expansion Analysis Report
  • Pipeline crossing analysis Report
  • On-Bottom Roughness Analysis Report
  • Pipeline Free span Analysis Report
  • Riser Flexibility Analysis Report
  • J-Tube Analysis Report
  • Dropped Object Protection Design for Subsea Pipelines
  • Liquefaction study for floatation / sinkage of Subsea Pipelines
  • Pipe Soil Interaction Report
  • Pipeline installation Analysis Report
  • Shore pull analysis Report
  • Davit lift analysis Report
  • Riser Installation Analysis Report
  • Fatigue Analysis Report
  • Expansion Spool Design
  • Lateral Buckling Analysis
  • Upheaval Buckling Analysis
  • Pipeline Integrity Verification
  • Onshore Pipeline Design Report
  • Onshore pipeline Road crossing Design Report
  • Onshore stress Analysis Report
  • Surge Analysis
  • Pipeline installation engineering procedures
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures
  • Technical Bid Evaluation
  • Pipeline Drafting in Auto CAD / GIS
  • As-Built Drawings
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Renewable Energy

Design Engineering

At AVIN, we offer design engineering for various utility solar PV plants. Our professionals possess enormous technical proficiency and perform their job with great efficiency. We specialize when it comes to maintaining a good balance between cost and also the performance of the plant. While designing PV plants, we always keep in mind maximizing productivity while keeping the incurred cost low. We are familiar with several factors that directly impact the cost of the power plant. So, we know the way to minimize the cost.

We follow the advanced and important technical specifications and various other important considerations to ensure that the design engineering matches all requirements for construction. Be it technology selection, land terrain, configuration or system, or layout of the plant, we specialize in performing tasks to deliver outstanding solutions. With our multidisciplinary design engineers, we can deliver outstanding design and engineering services for solar power plants.

Our In-House team of engineers design pipelines with future extensions and take responsibility for solving day to day operational problems
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